We offer information on industry products, services, trends, demographics, best practices, new innovations, hot topics, and industry processes and systems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often do you send out subscription based reports?

Every month you would receive a new and unique report, containing relevant information to the talent industry, filled with statistics and powerful insights that will help your business hire, retain, develop, promote the right leaders.

What is the business case?

Whether your department is the human resource department, the human capital management department, or the talent acquisition department, the risk of not measuring your current practices and your operational performance against peers of your industry are increasingly futile. The internet, social media and technology changes these professions and the industry very quickly, and if you’re not constantly updated the risk of falling behind becomes larger.

In addition, to be in the cutting edge of talent practices, processes, and technology, HR departments must always remain on the cutting edge of new and existing academic and business research.

Why should I choose the Human Alliance?

Most Human Resource practitioners today do not have the time or the resources to engage in long and tedious research projects, and with the ongoing budget crunch, they have the internal capability to perform their own research.

I need research Now! Can you do it?

Yes, we can.

We’ll delve into existing research from our internal and external library of resource. We’ll look into your topic and find the core challenge of from both the academic and business perspective. We’ll provide you with detailed analysis as as an executive overview because we understand your busy schedule.

What Exactly do You Offer?

Bench-marking Research & Reports

Our benchmarking deliverables will suit your style of communication, provide you with powerful insights, and will be geared towards issues of talent. Reports can take any form of deliverable that suits your tactical needs. The power of HR and Talent Bench-marking will allow you to compare your current systems and processes to your talent and human resource competitors, gain insights about their success, and learn from their failures.

Competitive Analysis Research & Reports

We’re one of only handful of talent acquisition and human capital consulting companies that are able to provide you with comprehensive competitor analysis research and reporting. Using our extensive industry network, a mixture of academic and industry data, statistical analysis, thought experiments and other tools we have developed and utilized from experience, we can help you delve deep into industry trends. More importantly, we can make our analysis relevant to a particular goal or as part of a larger answer to some daunting question.

Risk Analysis Research & Reports

For every initiative or project, your organization will experience some measure of risk. Our ability to quantify risk in both quantitative and qualitative measures, can help you measure your exposure, understand your choices and ultimately make better talent and human resource decisions.

Product Research & Reports

With so many human resource information systems (HRISs), applicant tracking systems (ATSs), and technology packages that are designed to serve recruiting and HR departments, how can you possibly make the right choice for your department and/or your company?

Through the use of standard measures, we can help you understand your technology needs, compare vendors, and measure potential choices against your needs. We measure vendors based on identifiable criteria relevant to your goals and strategic plans.

Market Intelligence Research & Reports

Where is the market heading? What’s next? Do you need to project into the future? We can help, through the use of forecasting analytics and a tremendous amount of industry experience. We leverage our relationships with opinion leaders, quantify trends using public and private data collection, and communicate it in an effective way.

Social Media Research & Reports

The social-sphere is becoming increasingly important for all HR and talent acquisition practitioners. Rarely, does a project, initiative or strategy not need to take into effect the overwhelming influence of social media and social networks. Through our ability to analyze social networks, the blog-o-sphere, and social media trends (through the use of social network analysis for example), we can actually quantify the un-quantifiable.