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Human Alliance Consultant Advises on Peer Reviews for Entrepreneur Magazine Online

Human Alliance Consultant Advises on Peer Reviews for Entrepreneur Magazine OnlineEntrepreneur Magazine Logo

Human Alliance Ltd. managing principal, Joe Shaheen was extensively quoted on Entrepreneur.com describing the necessary steps to create an effective peer review system for entrepreneurial and small businesses.

The peer review system article describes how employers need to choose wisely, whether a standalone peer review, a 360, or a traditional performance and promotion review system makes more sense for small and entrepreneurial businesses.

“I think sometimes we look at traditional HR tools and start to think that we have to use them just because they exist. And, the truth is that is not entirely correct. HR management is a decision science—it is supposed to help decision-makers make better decisions than they would have had it not existed. A peer review system is a tool to allow an employer to get perceptions of every employee from all of that particular employee’s stakeholders. Of course, that takes additional administration and therefore costs, but if you’re a service organization that relies on each employee’s brand to satisfy its customers than perhaps a peer review systems may make sense,” says Joe Shaheen, one of the District of Columbia’s top HR consultants.

Shaheen advises small businesses and entrepreneurs to identify top performer traits before they implement such a system to manage their employees. He asserts that any performance review system that includes a peer component to it should be more flexible in order to serve the needs of each department and each division within any company.

Finally, he advises employers to review and to pay special attention to social structures within the organization.

“Relationships make up a very important part of performance reviews—much more than most employers think or believe. The savvy entrepreneur or small business owner must be willing to review and pay attention to the relationships in the organization and how they affect the work that needs to be performed, before and during implementation of a peer review system. That alone could decide whether a system like this fails or succeeds.”

To read the full peer review system article, go to http://www.entrepreneur.com/blog/225518

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