Our on demand services allow small and medium size companies to leverage our expertise in an affordable way. We offer our services as a product and deliverable without all the hassle of a full consulting engagement.

Research On Demand

Typically, clients prefer to use this service as part of an overarching strategy where precise information is needed to support or augment an existing organizational strategy.

We present our expertise in a research form that works for you. Our focus is typically Human Resource related topics, including economic conditions, market studies, and industry analysis. We utilize not only publicly available data, private collected information, but our proprietary methods where necessary to get you the best results, and in the form that you need them.

Training On Demand

Using our expertise in developing professional curricula  workshops, and training sessions we develop a customized training or education program to target your human resource needs. We spend time with you to learn exactly what you want delivered to your employees and we build a program that will do just that.