We believe that our work ultimately aims to quantify the human element in all its aspects. With laser focus, we hope to give every organization on the planet the opportunity to be more than than the sum of its parts. We’ll do this through an indomitable spirit to stand in the face of every mistake, and every possible failure with positivism  and a bright eye for the future we hope to build. Nothing short of the precise and accurate identification of human potential will gratify our hunger for a better world.

And, once we understand every piece, every factor, and ever variable we will help humanity achieve its maximum potential to whatever end the collective chooses to take that potential. We know that the only way to do that is stay curious, focused, playful, and to look at every failure as a valuable lesson never to be forgotten.


To provide the most reasonable assessments and advice to whomever seeks it, and always support it with clear data. To help every company make better use of its people, and every people to make better use of their companies, be it a government, non-profit, public, or private firm.


  1. Passion: Our work must be and always remain embedded in our passions. Passion is the energy that drives us to do amazing things, and to serve our customers in the best way possible. Our passion is not a weakness. It’s a strength to be unleashed upon the most difficult challenges of the day.
  2. Purpose: Our work must be driven by purpose. We must always strive to seek out the toughest challenges and to take them head on, without fear of failure. To be driven by a purpose is to know where you are and where you want to be.
  3. Innovation: Throughout our path, we must always overcome every challenge by innovating, creating new ideas, and contributing to the world. Mediocrity is not an acceptable path.

Company Profile

Human Alliance Ltd. is an advisory and talent consultancy that uses innovative analytic-based methods to discover how companies can make better use of their people. Our methods are based on proprietary methodologies and techniques, that enable us to systematically tackle issues of talent in a way that is data driven.