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People Analytics and HR Policy Making

People Analytics have come a long way in the last few years. It has come so far that the way that HR institutes systems and processes for internal policy making has fallen far behind, and there is no end in sight to how much this trend will probably continue. The main problem is in the […]

Are HR Software Vendors Doing Enough to Integrate Third Party Apps?

In the last 5-10 years, we’ve seen clear advances in the technology provided by HR Software Vendors, including applicant tracking systems, payroll management, benefits and retirement, and a multitude of other disciplines. As part of the new standardized system of software development cycles, technology companies are choosing to create platforms that allow third party developers […]

3 Sources of Data to Help You Identify Top Performers

Internal organizational records provide a wealth of information that chief information officers, chief human resource officers, and generally, organizational leaders, can utilize to identify who are the top performers in the organization and how to reward them. Most organizational systems rely on an ad hoc method of identifying top performers, usually embedded in the performance […]

The Pace of Change: Speeding up Success or Failure for Change Management

Speeding up Success or Failure for Change Management Making change management more efficient is a difficult objective to accomplish, but through Talent Sphere Mapping, using organizational network analysis it is possible to make it so. Efficiency in affecting change can be a strategic driver for growth from the perspective of increasing success rates of change […]

Why HR Professionals Need to Pay Attention to Organizational Network Analysis

HR Black Box refers to discussions surrounding how human resource professionals should better design and then articulate what happens between HR concepts and actual improvement in company performance. Discussions of the Black Box are prevalent among industry practitioners and change practitioners. Black box discussions conclude that human resource practitioners should constantly be seeking quantitative methods to […]

Performance Management: The Social Network Analysis Way

Performance Management: The Social Network Analysis Way As a part of most performance and succession management initiatives taken on by our client, one major challenge is to correctly identify those who arre performing well and those who aren’t. This includes identifying high potentials who, with a little assistance, can be helped into leadership roles and […]