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Organizational Development Helped by Organizational Network Analysis

Case Study: How Organizational Network Analysis Helps Organizational Development The usefulness of organizational network analysis within the organizational context goes beyond change management and into even more traditional forms of change management. In one published case study, consultants used an organizational network analysis in combination with a traditional organizational development solution to reduce new packaging designs and implementation […]

Overcoming Resistance to Change Using Organizational Network Analysis

Overcoming Resistance to Change Using Organizational Network Analysis A good example of how organizational network analysis (ONA) can break down resistance to change would be Dr. Cross’ example of the M&M business unit of Master Foods Inc. In this case a research and development team came up with an innovative new way of producing M&Ms with customized […]

Why Post Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Integration Fails

The traditional method of going about integrating two companies together whether it is an acquisition, merger, or a strategic alliance relies on ad hoc methods and false assumptions. Though methods vary the key component to integration today is based on analysis of human capital metrics, financial assumptions, and some top-down command and control behavior. Perhaps […]

Human Alliance Announces New Talent Strategy Service: Quantum Org™

The Human Alliance Ltd, one of Washington, DC’s leading HR Consultancies has announced the formal launch of its third spearhead new service targeting the national HR services market: Quantum Org™. The service is built on a talent strategy framework, which pins the individual into the center of company strategy, rather than other factors such as financial […]