Employment Branding

To create a successful and a sustainable employment branding strategy,its important to realize that customers can be the greatest source of talent, and that  talent are also customers. This is the center stone of employment branding services at the Human Alliance Ltd.

The Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, employment branding is a separate conceptual and strategic entity from the organization’s commercial brand. However, positive and negative ramifications of an organizations employment brand will often become part of the organization’s commercial brand.

The Human Alliance Ltd. can assist, and if necessary lead, the design creation and implementation of a successful employment brand for your organization. We believe that an employment branding initiative is much more than a careers website, a workplace video, or a social media accounts.

A Holistic Approach

Our support concentrates on understanding you organizational strategies and goals, the adoption of those strategies and goals into an integrated talent process, the identification of internal talent needs, the alignment of talent strategies to organizational strategies, the satisfaction of employee psychological contracts, and finally to the execution of branding projects.

This process can only be described as an integrated employment branding process, sometimes known by the term “a holistic approach”.

The Human Alliance considers employment branding to be the most critical and strategic part of any talent acquisition process. Organizations rely on top talent to execute their long-term strategies and fulfill successful accomplishments of their goals. Employment branding is the key to attracting that cream of the crop.

For many years now it has been proven that top talent choose the organization’s that they wish to work for as much as much as those organizations choose them.

Part of the ‘Big Picture’

An integrated approach that begins with organizational goals and strategies, translates into talent strategies and ends with external marketing messages must be in place to ensure the successful attraction of the most talented people into your organization and thus insuring the organization’s success.

The Human Alliance can aid or lead to employment branding strategy and execution based on industry best practices, sound talent strategies, and our partnerships with top employment marketing organizations.