Human Alliance Announces Innovative New Service: Human Domain Mapping™

Human Alliance Announces Innovative New Service: Human Domain Mapping™

Human Alliance Announces Innovative New Service: Human Domain Mapping™

The Human Alliance Ltd, a Washington, D.C. Talent and HR consulting company, announced today that it has officially launched a Human Domain Mapping™, a new service using proprietary techniques and technology, targeting companies who seek to quantitatively understand their stakeholders and to clearly visualize them.

Human Domain Mapping™ builds on almost a century of advances in the computational social sciences to deliver a highly effective system of measuring, quantifying, analyzing, and visualizing relevant connections and relationships between entities. Entities can be anything from companies, institutions, governments, to individuals. This social innovation is designed to replace previously ambiguous services that rely on qualitative insights to understand stakeholders.

“What we can do without technology, combined with our empirical frameworks and system for delivering interventions is to help customers understand their prospects, customers, shareholders, or any other stakeholder, if we have relationship data to analyze”
said Joe Shaheen, Human Alliance Ltd. managing principal.

The service relies on social network analysis, domain-specific models, and a clear framework for analysis and interventions. It can utilize social media such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and online blogs, but can also consider non-traditional sources of information like financial transactions.

For example, Human Domain Mapping™ can be used to identify a company’s top social media influencers and their relationships to each other. A savvy marketing executive can then target specific individuals who can help her product become viral in the social sphere.

Reportedly, Human Domain Mapping™ is much more precise when determining how customers buy, prospects behave, and stakeholders decide, based on how they are influenced by their personal, professional, and familial relationships.

“We can even go beyond customers and begin to look at who influences the direction of your company externally. For example, who influence the laws and regulations that affect your industry, and in what way. It’s a powerful model.” Shaheen commented on the release.

Human Domain Mapping™ is the latest innovative service to be announced by the Human Alliance. Earlier this month the company announced that it would launch a new suite of services for the 2013 fiscal year.

“I think we’re on track to launch these services and to partner with companies that can complement our offerings. One thing for sure in consulting on people issues, we’re fast becoming the most quantitative-based service company in the country”.

The Human Alliance currently provides a suite of human resource, talent acquisition, talent management and social media services.


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