Quantum Org HR Model

Human Alliance Announces New Talent Strategy Service: Quantum Org™

The Human Alliance Ltd, one of Washington, DC’s leading HR Consultancies has announced the formal launch of its third spearhead new service targeting the national HR services market: Quantum Org™.

The service is built on a talent strategy framework, which pins the individual into the center of company strategy, rather than other factors such as financial or legal factors. Although, the framework is employee focused, it still takes into consideration the relevant factors that are necessary to achieve success.

Its name Quantum Org™, denotes a scientific approach to managing human resources. The service integrates the Human Alliance’s flagship services Human Domain Mapping™ and Talent Sphere Mapping™ into a strategy framework built on talent concepts.

Quantum Org™ will also utilize Human Alliance’s  Science of Influence™  models  which look at the relations between individuals rather than their traits or experience to assess performance. Most empirical research suggests that it is a more powerful and more effective way of analyzing individuals, teams, and groups in organizations.

Quantum Org™ hopes to compete with traditional models of strategy and analysis such as Porter’s 5 forces framework and McKinsey’s 7S model.

“I think we have a tough road ahead of us by pushing our industry more towards a talent strategy framework, but the evidence that talent strategies are much more sustainable, and more potent than financial or industry-based strategy models are irrefutable,” commented Joe Shaheen, managing principal of the Human Alliance, who recently appeared on CNN Headline News.

The new HR consulting service will be available in the beginning of 2013 for customers worldwide.

This is the third launch of a new HR consulting service for the Human Alliance in 2012. Earlier this year Talent Sphere Mapping™ and Human Domain Mapping™ were launched. Both services utilize a quantitative form of visual analysis of individuals, teams, and groups.