Successful Implementation of New Recruiting Model

Successful Implementation of New Recruiting Model

The Human Alliance Ltd, a world-class talent acquisition, talent management and HR consultancy announced today the rollout for a new “speed” hiring model which does not sacrifice, but rather increases quality of hire.

The recruiting model borrows from well-known speed dating events for young professionals.

We’ve developed a very intricate and very interesting model which combines about a dozen best practices from events operations, sourcing, recruiting and offer negotiation to create a single hiring event, capable of producing double-digit hiring events in a single day for a single client,” Joseph Shaheen, Managing Director said in the announcement.

This new kind of event hiring processes is something, which the industry in general has not paid much attention to due to the heavy focus on trends such as social media, and virtual career fairs.

Shaheen argues that hiring innovations must be based on the fundamentals of talent with the support of new technologies and not the reverse as some industry leaders claim. “Technology, and that includes social media, should be used as supporting mechanisms for the timeless fundamentals of the art and science of talent acquisition and talent management—and that means our profession should aim to create innovations firmly grounded in process and people as well”.

The event, now called, the “Speed Hiring Event” or SHE utilizes high quality sourcing and a then implements a high-speed comparative interview process that minimizes common detractors in any regular hiring process.

The result: after 3 successful events for one of D.C’s largest and most prestigious employers, 66% of all who were invited to the event were hired, totaling over 55 hires in a combined 3 days.

In the event, position that were filled included inspectors, construction engineers, project and program managers, civil engineers and other related functions.

One hiring managers commented, “You wouldn’t think that something like this would work. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to attend, but it really works”—said a 20 year veteran of the engineering industry.

A local publication called the event “the American Idol way of hiring”.

Shaheen, a former Lean and Six Sigma process engineer and a thought leader of the recruiting profession, who earned his first college degree at age 19, insists that the Speed Hiring Event will not and does not sacrifice quality of hire, but actually increases it.

The Human Alliance plans to pilot the program for other large technical organizations where the event can meet reasonable success.

We believe that this is the beginning of a new hiring innovation that will surprise many on its simplicity. We created a simple way of reducing time-to-hire, increasing quality of hire, increasing the quality of the candidate’s experience and personalized the hiring process all in one. We are putting people to work when they need it most. And, we’re doing it creatively,” Shaheen said, as he looked over a variation of the event’s design geared towards another client.

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