Innovations in Recruiting Must Occur in "Soft" Side as Well

Innovations in Recruiting Must Occur in “Soft” Side as Well

In a private round table organized by Washington, D.C. area talent acquisition leaders, Joseph Shaheen, of the Human Alliance made the case that our profession’s reliance on technology
innovations only is crippling progress in the hiring process that innovations in the recruiting process must occur on the social side of work just as much as the tech. side.

“Unfortunately, we’re so fixated on the next applicant tracking system, or the newest social media method that we’ve stopped innovating in the operations, organizational structure, and process engineering of the talent process as a whole,” he commented.

Shaheen delivered his comments after the recent announcement of the successful development and implementation of a new “speed” hiring model in which a collection of best practices, and innovations in sourcing, screening, event hiring, and offer execution were executed to create unheard of record hiring, while maintaining a high level of candidate quality, experience and hiring manager agreement.


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