The tactical aspects of recruiting, like the process itself, can be the largest drain on your internal talent processes. This is why an efficient realignment through recruitment process design and redesign provides a calculated option for the improvement of talent acquisition strategies.

Recruiting is a highly process-oriented function. Sometimes it’s even more process driven than other HR functions, which means that HR executives have to pay close attention to it. Optimization and strategic alignment to the overall human capital objectives, as well as the overall organizational objectives can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Without an efficient and Lean process design, your organization risks bottlenecks and unproductive behavior in every phase of the recruiting life-cycle.  And the problems could be numerous: Whether its the wrong selection of sources in the sourcing phase, or the inability of your internal recruiting talent to activate the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that will ensure sustainable and continuous success, or too much reliance on technology (especially when its outdated).

Some companies choose to build or use expensive technologies to manage their recruitment process. Our experience tells us that often the technology itself becomes the entire process in those instances. That’s a pitfall we can help you avoid.

Many of the SAAS applicant tracking systems have seen a significant reduction in costs recently, and recruiting departments are flocking to adopt a lot of technologies that they do not need, have unwisely chosen, and won’t help in getting the job done. In some extreme situations, the technology itself becomes a drain on the process, not the other way around.

When it comes to efficient and strategic recruitment process designs the Human Alliance Ltd. is here to help. Our top consultant is a former process engineer, and we’ve done work that’s inspired by Lean and Six Sigma, without all the hassle of a formal training program.

Don’t Fall into the Pitfall

With or without technologies and fancy applicant tracking systems, companies are spending thousands, hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of dollars each year so that their internal talent acquisition teams can use e-mail to collect, retain, share and evaluate applications for employment. That’s right, e-mail!

Because even with all the tech, if your process doesn’t align with your technology, team structure, and incentives, the most efficient method of recruiting, even today is still, e-mail.If that is the challenge that your internal team is facing, it is likely that your process design is flawed or is in need of general improvement, at best.

The Human Alliance uses Lean and Six Sigma concepts integrated into some pretty awesome best practices to help your recruiting process come to fruition. And, we’ll do it with your current technology and all your people.We’ll aim for a sustainable, continuously improving, efficient recruitment process that is aligned with your strategic objectives and that your stakeholders can never deny.